Natalia Angulo-Hinkson


Washington, D.C.

Natalia Angulo-Hinkson

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." -Joan Didion


Here's how Detroit Bikes is transforming America’s car capital into a bike town

Cycling is seeing a renaissance in the U.S. and this Detroit business is along for the ride.

Here's how startups are helping mega-brand Coca-Cola take on the future

You wouldn't think a mega-brand like Coca-Cola needs any help, but the iconic beverage company is leaning on startups to set its self up for the future.

Instacart is shaking up the grocery model – one online delivery at a time

Groceries may be the last retail category on the shelf that people buy online, which makes it ripe for growth and disruption.

This 23-year-old Ford engineer already has nine patents. Did we mention she doesn't drive?

Remember when you were 23? You were probably fresh out of college, entering the workforce and eager to make a name for yourself. You could say the same for Victoria Schein, except for one key difference: She already has nine patents under her belt.

Feeling alone on your job hunt? The Muse wants to change that

Anyone who has looked for jobs online can speak to the frustrations of submitting your resume into a seemingly black hole and then anxiously hoping a hiring manager (or a human for that matter) sees it.

Pot companies are calling on Washington to step up and provide clearer regulations

This is how Dixie Brands has been able to scale its cannabis company when you can’t technically cross state lines in the U.S.

This CEO says he has to take anti-depressants to cope with work. He's not alone.

For many Americans, work is something you can't leave at the office. And it's taking a toll on your mental health.

This executive says the biggest problem in health care is not knowing costs up front

With the health care debate in the U.S. getting more heated (read: chaotic), business leaders are speaking out about the issues they feel need to be addressed.

This healthcare CEO gives $100 holiday bonuses to employees. Here's why.

As part of Circa's new business series, "Incuvators," we spoke with Jackson Healthcare CEO Rick Jackson about his annual holiday gift to employees.

Silicon Valley is a boys club. This woman-led startup is doing something about it.

More than half of women in technology exit the industry mid-career for reasons such as they feel there's no room for advancement. This female-run startup wants to change that.

This high-tech McDonald's is a test lab for the fast food chain's future franchises

Take a look at this new McDonald's in D.C. -- it's totally tech-ed out and there is a good chance future franchise locations will soon look like.

6 startups share their biggest headaches in launching a brand

Nine out of ten startups fail in their first year. So how do you avoid nightmare startup scenarios?


Natalia Angulo-Hinkson

Natalia is a journalist and Texas native. Her family is originally from Colombia, but she currently calls Washington, D.C., home. Natalia is fluent in Spanish and speaks conversational French. She is most energized when covering stories about social enterprise, startups, small business, tech, fashion, travel, beauty and (pop) culture news.

She graduated from the University of Dallas in December 2009, with a BA in Politics and concentration in Spanish Language & Literature. After working in Washington, D.C. as a broadcast intern, Natalia moved to Manhattan where she completed her MA in Journalism with a concentration in Magazine Writing at New York University.

Natalia is photo obsessive — and a big fan of the em dash. You can find some of her work on,,,,,, and El Diario/La Prensa NY.



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